About the Institute

The Perfect Power Institute™ (the Institute) is the evolution of the nonprofit Galvin Electricity Initiative. Founded by former Motorola CEO and esteemed leader of American industry Robert W. Galvin, the Initiative was launched following the massive Northeast blackout in 2003. The idea behind the Initiative was that a perfect electric power system — a system that never fails the consumer — is not just possible, but critical to ensuring a strong 21st century economy.

The Institute is a legacy to Bob Galvin’s lifelong commitment to making life better for all through innovation, the renewal of businesses and markets, and a pursuit of perfection. An independent nonprofit, the Institute will drive system transformation by gathering and implementing best practices in policy and system design, educating industry stakeholders and setting the standard for evaluating system performance via the Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal™ (PEER) program. Keys to this transformation are investments that produce significant improvements in electric industry performance outcomes, especially those that matter most to consumers. The Institute makes the case for these investments and fosters collaboration among the benefactors of electricity system transformation and the investors, regulators, policymakers, entrepreneurs and developers necessary to realize change.

Establishing standards for evaluating system performance and holding participants accountable is central to the Institute’s mission. The Institute administers the PEER program, a rating system for the grid that establishes much-needed metrics to empower consumers, businesses, communities and regulators to create dramatically better performance from the power system.

The Institute is guided by a board of directors, advisory committees and partners, representing stakeholder groups whose meaningful contributions are necessary to achieve transformation within the electricity industry.

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